Artist Groups Then & Now

Over ten sessions, we’ll explore a host of artist groups, societies, and collectives from around the world in a broadly chronological way to see how they contributed to styles/movements and whether there are parallels in contemporary practice. Whilst their art will be the main focus, we'll also discuss group dynamics and why some initiatives were doomed to failure. From familiar names like the Camden Town Group to the perhaps less familiar Cacophony Society (their credo: 'You May Already be a Member!') that inspired Chuck Palahniuk's novel 'Fight Club,' this is an opportunity to look at art history through a different lens.  

Artist Groups Then & Now

  • On these Wednesdays 10.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. (UK time) with a tea-break

    1. January 12th 2022

    2. January 19th 2022

    3. January 26th 2022

    4. February 2nd 2022

    5. February 9th 2022

    6. February 16th 2022

    7. February 23rd 2022

    8. March 2nd 2022

    March 9th - no class

    9.  March 16th 2022

    10. March 23rd  2022


  • A computer/laptop/tablet with free Zoom with a camera and microphone but please note you don't have to be on camera during the discussions if you don't want to be. You will be sent the Zoom course link nearer the time.