Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges & Ghent: Van Eyck to Magritte

[Note - the order is subject to confirmation]

Day 1: We will spend the day in Antwerp and visit the Rubens House where the great master lived and painted, Snijders and Rockoxhuis, the Cathedral of Our Lady and the Mayer van der Bergh Museum with its collection of Brueghel works 

Day 2: Antwerp We will visit the Plantin-Moretus Museum - a UNESCO World Heritage site and then travel to Ghent to see highlights, including the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK) and The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb by the Van Eyck brothers, one of the greatest masterpieces of the Netherlandish school in St Bavo and contemporary art.

Day 3: Brussels may be small but it was very important to the development of Art Nouveau (there are still many examples of this style) and, of course, Surrealism. Spend the day exploring the city's finest art collections including the Magritte Museum.

Day 4: Bruges Visit the Groeninge Museum with its world-renowned "Flemish primitives" such as Jan van Eyck and the Moreel Triptych by Hans Memling, the medieval Hospital of St John, with more Memling and a temporary exhibition around the Death of the Virgin by Hugo van der Goes.




Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges & Ghent: Van Eyck to Magritte

  • (arrive or by Tuesday 15th November 2022)

    The course runs Wednesday 16th November  - Saturday 19th November 2022 inclusive (4 days)

  • If travelling via Eurostar, you can purchase a ticket that includes onward travel to any city in Belgium. Where you stay is up to you: Brussels or Ghent are probably the easiest. [Brussels probably has more choice in terms of budget range and a livelier night life].

    The fee does not include train tickets between cities (assume Euros 80-100 total for the duration of the tour. You may be able to get a rail pass).