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10 Great Total Artworks

The 'total artwork' could mean many things from a frescoed Renaissance chapel (maybe Pinturicchio's Capella Baglione, Spello or Ghirlandaio's in Santa Maria Novella, Florence or Gozzoli's Magi in the Medici Chapel, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi) to an installation by Yayoi Kusama or Pixel Artworks and visual light artist Rupert Newman's digital installations at Outernet, Tottenham Court Rd. It could be a house (Charleston or the Villa Kerylos etc.) or a garden.

Over 10 sessions, we'll explore 10 great total artworks from all periods in depth.

Who commissioned them and why? Where were they displayed? What makes them 'great'? 

But you will help decide which ones!

Send in your suggestions by the beginning of August.

10 Great Total Artworks

  • On these Wednesdays 10.30 a.m. - 12 p.m. (UK time) online

    1. 20th September

    2. 27th September

    3. 4th October

    11th October - no class 

    4. 18th October

    5. 25th October

    6. 1st November

    7. 8th November

    15th and 22nd November - no class

    8. 29th November

    9. 6th December

    10. 13th December

  • A computer/laptop/tablet with free Zoom with a camera and microphone but please note you don't have to be on camera during the discussions if you don't want to be. You will be sent the Zoom course link nearer the time. 

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