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Prague & Dresden: Historic and Contemporary

Prague, capital of Bohemia, is one of Europe's friendliest and culturally rich cities. With architecture that ranges from Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces and 
Art Nouveau, visit sites such as: Prague Castle 
and St. Vitus cathedral, and explore the exciting modern and contemporary art scene at Veletrzni ('World Trade') Palace of 1928 with Alphonse Mucha's huge history painting cycle.

Travel to Dresden, the "Florence on the North," on a scenic train journey. See a city beautifully reconstructed, with its surrounding Elbe valley a UNESCO World Heritage site. See the highlights of the superb Old and New Masters Picture galleries and the famed Meissen porcelain, jewels, and sculpture collections in the Green Vault and Albertinium respectively.

Note: Fee includes travel between the cities and a meal in the train dining car 

Prague & Dresden: Historic and Contemporary

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