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Russia: St Petersburg & Moscow

Spend 8 days in Russia  at one of the quietest and most atmospheric times of the year. Start by exploring St Petersburg, the 'Venice of the North,' a city that grew out of a Tsar's desire to Europeanise. Aside from spending a full day and a half in the Hermitage, one of the greatest galleries in the world, visit the State Museum of Russian Art to trace the history of Russian art from icons to Malevich; the Faberge museum for a tour of the iconic eggs produced for the Imperial family; the stunning Catherine palace with the legendary Amber room, Pavlosk, and other monuments of interest. 

In Moscow, see the Kremlin, both of the Tretyakov Galleries (including a planned epic exhibition with work by artists like Anselm Kiefer), the Pushkin, and other highlights.

Maximum 8 in the group. In exceptional circumstances, we will take 10.


Russia: St Petersburg & Moscow

  • We will send out comprehensive information nearer the time with all info including recommended places to stay etc.

    At time of writing, you will need to purchase a Letter of Invitation (less than £15) and a visa (around £90) and to visit the Visa Centre in person to be fingerprinted. We will advise and are happy to assist with your forms. 

    Remember to tick 'multi-city' when searching for flights; this is much cheaper than 2 singles. If in doubt, please ask us for help.

    For hotels, please contact us before booking anywhere.

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