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As a girl waits for the return of her disappeared father, the story of four migrant women unravels. In antebellum America: a daydreamer from the country gets an unexpected education on the Mississippi river; a storekeeper falls in love with a thief amid the chaos of Gold Rush San Francisco; a fugitive quadroon re-invents herself in a New York brothel; and a young bride is trapped on a Louisiana sugar plantation. Though they do not know it, their lives are inextricably linked by the men they encounter. 
Peopled by whores, tricksters, gamblers, do-gooders, liars, and fools, and with allusions to the coded language of flowers, Whorticulture is about prostitution in its myriad forms.

"one of the most unique books I've read in ages"

"not easy to put down and... impossible to forget.  Some part of your soul will stay in the nineteenth century." 

Author Interviews

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Short fiction


An A-Z of The Ting: Theatre of Mistakes

An A-Z of The Ting: Theatre of Mistakes comprises 16 ebooks with documents (texts, letters, photographs, diagrams, artworks) drawn from this seminal British 1970s performance collective’s private archive and from original research conducted by Marie-Anne Mancio and Jason E Bowman in 2008. 


Each book has 26 pages, referencing the alphabet, however there is no more reason to begin with ‘A’ than ‘V,W,X,Y & Z’ and the set's democratic format means entries are placed in unexpected proximity. Encouraging circuitous rather than linear, multi-perspectival rather than singular, readings and reflecting The Theatre of Mistakes's interest in art, chance, mutuality, and inconsistency, the A-Z is part introduction, part photo-essay, part question, and part gossip. 

Marie-Anne Mancio's An A-Z of The Ting: Theatre of Mistakes 2009 was created as part of a writer’s residency with creative think-tank Proboscis. The books inaugurated Proboscis’ bookleteer publications: texts downloadable for free to be printed and assembled by the reader or read online.

See also her article on the research process.

Select Essays

Exhibition Catalogue: Adelaide Damoah Radical Joy 2022

Download pdf below:

Exhibition Catalogue: Wendy Elia Where Are We Now 2021

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DPhil Thesis
Maps for Wayward Performers:
Feminist Readings of Contemporary Live Art Practice in Britain
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